““Orbán is smarter than Trump” – Interview with Bernard-Henri Lévy”

By Kovacs Balint

Published on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lévy would like to do everything he can to prevent that, that is why he is touring Europe with the play he wrote and self-produced: “Looking for Europe.” The play will be staged in 20 countries, but organising the event was difficult only in Poland and Hungary – no theatres in Hungary were willing to host the play that will debut in a non-state theatre on 10 April 2019.

« […] What do you think will happen if – as you say – Orbán wins in the “battle of Europe” ?

Europe will collapse, and Trump, Putin and Erdogan will prevail. Thank God and the great American democracy Trump may be out in two years, but at the moment they are allied against Europe, and they are allied with Orbán too. These three people officially hate what Europe embodies and what European spirit means: the relationship to faith, to freedom, to love, to women. Europe is not only a space but a body of values. And they hate this body. »

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