The film

All of this will be filmed.

The months spent criss-crossing the far reaches of Europe, seeking out citizens either fervent or seized with doubt; this long period spent reviving, or trying to revive, the noble idea of Europe — all of it will be recorded in real time to provide the raw material for a second work, this one cinematographic, whose purpose will be to carve in stone the best of this pilgrimage and this fight.

Bernard-Henri Lévy will direct the film with the help of Camille Lotteau, his collaborator on earlier documentaries, notably in Kurdistan.

This film, to the extent that it captures the tour in its entirety, all of its incidents, accidents, vagaries, detours, and behind-the-scenes events, will aspire to the spirit of Louis Malle grappling, in his Vanya on 42nd Street, with the soul of a Chekhov lay, and that of Al Pacino struggling, in Looking for Richard, to adapt Shakespeare’s Richard III.

But beyond the play, this film will use the crew and its adventures as the basis for a new work composed of happenings on the sidelines of the tour, occurrences on the nights before and on the mornings after performances, contemporaneous events unfolding in Europe in full parliamentary campaign. In this way, it will paint a portrait of Europe in crisis in the early 21st century.